Someone who claims to be a feminist and/or claims to care about women, however actively harms women in the name of "women's rights"

This word can also apply to a group of people who active campaign against the human rights of a heavily marginalized group of people for no fucking reason at all other than some made up perceived threat based on strawmen arguments
Jimmy: I care about women's rights! Therefore I think biological men shouldn't be in women's restrooms!

Reasonable individual with basic human common sense: if you cared so much about women's rights wouldn't you be an activist for their rights in the middle east? What about the wage gap? Sexual assault? Shouldn't you be spreading awareness on that if you cared about them so much? A trans woman minding her own business in the bathroom should be the very least of your made up problems, goddammit Jim you're not a feminist as much as you wish you were, you're just a TERF goddamn

Jimmy: I- uh... SNOWFLAKE GROOMER!!!
by Jeans6818 June 12, 2022
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An acronym that originally stood for 'Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist' but many now say it stands for 'Trans-Exclusionary Raving Fool', by virtue of being applied to anybody who actively discriminates against transgender people regardless of their gender or their stance on feminism. Some of the people it applies to have called it a slur being used to try and silence them, and while I don't doubt that it has, in fact, been used as a slur by certain people, it doesn't meet the criteria of being discriminatory to people of a specific skin color, nationality, gender, or sexuality despite claims to the contrary.
Dear TERFs,

I personally find you to be actively detrimental to modern society by virtue of promoting an outdated and, frankly, disgusting ideology. I recommend that you all simply keep your hate to yourselves and just accept that the world is moving forward and maybe even do so yourselves. Or you can choose to live in the past for the rest of your lives while wondering why the only people who want to spend time with you are each other. Your choice, really.

Sincerely, a denizen of the modern world.
by ThatGuyWhoWatchesVideos November 23, 2021
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Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist. A transphobic person who tries to cover it up with some twisted version of feminism. These people usually make odd claims about how trans women are not real women because they are "stronger" or more "masculine" than cis women. This implies that to be a "real" women, you have to be weak and stereotypical feminine, which doesn't really sound like feminism to me.
Fuck J.K. Rowling; she's such a TERF.
by coveted seed July 24, 2023
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A TERF is a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

J.K. Rowling is a huge ass fucking example as a TERF
Person 1. Hey do you know J.K. Rowling?
Person 2. Ohh you mean the big ass fucking TERF who wrote Harry Potter? Yeah, I know her. Why?
by TheEmoRose March 13, 2022
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Originally meant as a slur against individuals with gender critical beliefs, it has now been appropriated by those it targeted. Gender critical advocates -- those who believe only two genders exist and/or sex is determined at birth and cannot be changed - now typically use the word as a "badge of honor," including it as a self-descriptor in social media bios, etc.

The general public as a whole is beginning to redefine the term completely. Whereas it was originally as an acronym for "Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist," many people now consider the acronym to stand for "Trans Exclusionary Rational Feminist" or "Trans Exclusionary Reasonable Factualist." These alternative acronyms reflect the growing scientific consensus that gender is binary and one sex cannot transitioned into the other sex.
She was attacked for her gender critical beliefs, but she defiantly declared, "This TERF won't relent. A woman is an adult human female."
by Dagwood Silent July 18, 2023
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Trans exclusionary reactionary fool. While most people say 'radical feminist', excluding trans women from feminist movements is not a feminist thing to do.
I used to admire her, but she outed herself as a bloody TERF.
by Cala171 November 26, 2021
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When a woman reaches an older age in combination with a lack of self care. Due to the recent trend of looking out for possible transexuals, they found themselves kicked out of the woman's bathroom for resembling a man, regardless of being a biological adult human female. This cognitive dissonance leads the individual to spiral into a deep psychosis of constantly thinking about transgenders and what could be in their pants, in a brazen attempt to rid the world of the "evil" that they were accused of themselves. Unbenounced to them, their rhetoric is only encouraging others to judge manly biological woman, and blame it on biological males for looking better than them.
That's lady's a terf. She was born a woman and let herself go, to the point where she no longer looks like one.
by Retribyush April 6, 2023
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