women's way of getting away from God's monthly torture
I'm going to get a hysterectomy.
by boredusachick November 27, 2004
Son 1: Mom just got a hysterectomy.

Son 2: Game Ovaries.

Mom: I'll kill you when i get out of this state of pain.
by MaxEdison September 22, 2010
Person 1: "my mom had a hysterectomy last august."
Person 2: "do you even know what a hysterectomy is?"

Person 1: "yes it's ankle surgery."
by doctorsanusi September 23, 2017
To have a forklift removed. Occasionally hyphenated to Hyster-ectomy.

From the Greek Hyster meaning a yellow forklift
Bob shouldn't have stood between the forklift and the pallets. He needed the fire brigade to perform a hysterectomy
by Octamate September 22, 2019
The removal of a uterus with one's hands. Inverse of Sub Zero's spin rip fatality, when one goes through the vagina to rip the uterus out. Much simpler when one is dealing with a vastgina
by dantastic danomite October 25, 2009
When your woman is lying down on the bed, you tell her to close her eyes. You tell her that you are going to surprise her and you get her all hot and ready for some sweet lovin'...gigitty. Then when she isn't looking, you get out a Roman Candle with an extended fuse and lube it up nice and right so that it slips in smoothly and she doesn't notice it isn't you. Then you light the fuse and run away.
John: "Dude, your girlfriend is totally preggers! How you gonna act??"

Steven: "Dawg...its cool. I gave her a danish hysterectomy yesterday. Now let's go get fades."
by John Calvin Sargent Jr. March 14, 2008