Noun. A coveted status sought after by liberals. Victimhood implies that one or more victims are due some form of compensation from one or more offenders. The sought-after compensation is typically economic such as money, jobs, promotions, awards or opportunities such as college admissions. Intangible compensation is often a secondary consideration and usually not directly related to the offense in question, such as the displacement of blame for general achievement failures.
"You can't repeal affirmative action! What about all those blacks that suffered under slavery?!?"
by FigurinOutLife March 20, 2004
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All of the factors in a social system that that perpetuate, enable, and incentivize the adoption of identities based in victimhood.
"Why are people listing their ailments in their Twitter bios?"

"Oh, it's a great way to rack up intersectional points and climb up a few tiers in the victim hierarchy."

"Why would they want to do that?"

"Because with victimhood comes a whole bunch of perks. If you are a victim, you always have an excuse to fail. You always have a hypothetical oppressor to blame. You are given license to censure anyone who disagrees with you. You receive an abundance of pity. And best of all, you get to envision yourself as the noble underdog struggling in the next big civil rights movement!"

"That sounds pathological."

"That's because it is... and it is all a product of systemic victimhood."
by Jack Atrophy August 6, 2022
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