The form of feminism that actually centers females as opposed to males (by recognizing women as a class and being able to prioritize them as a class) and not surprisingly the group of feminist that receive the most misogynistic rape and death threats- all in the name of progressiveness.
Radical feminism is actually radical. Not radical as in "cool" but radical as in "root".

Have you been to a rape crisis center?
Yeah? Thank a radical feminist- as in a second wave feminist-
by Ghostglitter December 20, 2016
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Sometimes referred to as "radfems" for short, a Radical Feminist is an extremist feminist who, rather than supporting equality, believes men are inherently evil and incapable of not being sexist, and will often support extreme ideas that the majority of feminists do not agree with, such as the idea that men cannot be raped by women, even if they are underage, or the idea that women are perfect and never do anything wrong unless forced to by men or "brainwashing by the patriarchy".

A radical Feminist will often sling insults at women and men alike who disagree with them, sometimes referring to them as "dick-worshippers" and similar insults when presented with oppossing viewpoints, or accuse women of being "brainwashed by the patriarchy" just for disagreeing with them on literally anything.

A subgroup of Radical Feminists includes TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists) who are Radical Feminists who are also highly transphobic.
"Did she really just claim it was the 12-year-old boy's fault that his teacher raped him?"
"Yeah, apparently she's a radical feminist. In another comment thread, she even tried to claim it was 'consensual pedophilia' instead of statuatory rape, and claimed he was a brat for 'tattling' on the teacher."
"I'm starting to wonder if she's actually the teacher..."
(Based on actual incident on Tumblr)
by canon is dying April 26, 2020
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