A mild pejorative used to denote Radical feminists who exclude, display hatred and disgust for, and otherwise belittle transgender women on the false and inaccurate claim that they are men, because biological essentialism is actually okay with these "feminists", only as long as it's a cudgel used to shut up those dirty transes.
Internet TERFs may use talking points about how this is a "slur used to silence women and forced upon them by trans people", however, it should be noted that TERFS themselves coined the term TERF, and only pivoted positions when the general public stopped agreeing with them. A slur is a loaded pejorative associated with immutable characteristics. You cannot change being black, gay, trans, etc. and thus, insults directed at someone for being any of these are defined as slurs. TERFism is simply a scientifically incorrect ideology in baldfaced opposition to the American Psychiatric Association among others, and as you can change an ideology or outlook, it is not a slur. There are male TERFs, after all, ideologies aren't exclusive. And by TERF logic, things such as "nazi" "communist" and "liberal" would be slurs as well.
British feminism is notorious for being overrun by ideological positions favored by TERFs, as it is favored by white middle-aged cis, (usually) straight women who have never dealt with discrimination in their lives.
by Trash•Gordon March 9, 2021
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An acronym that originally stood for 'Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist' but many now say it stands for 'Trans-Exclusionary Raving Fool', by virtue of being applied to anybody who actively discriminates against transgender people regardless of their gender or their stance on feminism. Some of the people it applies to have called it a slur being used to try and silence them, and while I don't doubt that it has, in fact, been used as a slur by certain people, it doesn't meet the criteria of being discriminatory to people of a specific skin color, nationality, gender, or sexuality despite claims to the contrary.
Dear TERFs,

I personally find you to be actively detrimental to modern society by virtue of promoting an outdated and, frankly, disgusting ideology. I recommend that you all simply keep your hate to yourselves and just accept that the world is moving forward and maybe even do so yourselves. Or you can choose to live in the past for the rest of your lives while wondering why the only people who want to spend time with you are each other. Your choice, really.

Sincerely, a denizen of the modern world.
by ThatGuyWhoWatchesVideos November 23, 2021
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Me: I thoughts she said she was a feminist?
Them: Not really she’s just a TERF
by QueeneBlade April 13, 2022
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Normally meaning Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, as in a feminist that excludes trans people, its usage has widened to describe almost anyone that excludes trans people ideologically, so alternatively can stand for Trans Exclusionary Raving Fool to more accurately describe the people it's used to call out.
Not all TERFs are feminists, but all TERFS are fools.
by Jilly Bobsmith December 6, 2020
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A biological woman who doesn’t want your dick in her space
All the TERFS say that a person with a penis should not have won the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship.
by Edenknowseverything April 4, 2022
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A TERF is a Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist.

J.K. Rowling is a huge ass fucking example as a TERF
Person 1. Hey do you know J.K. Rowling?
Person 2. Ohh you mean the big ass fucking TERF who wrote Harry Potter? Yeah, I know her. Why?
by TheEmoRose March 13, 2022
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If people ever told you that Trans* people will force their gender on you wait until you ever meet a TERF. You'll change your mind. They will constantly force how they're women upon you and how them being fertile makes them a woman. They absolutely hate Trans* people calling Transmasc women mutilators and Transfem rapists. You cannot argue with them so you'll be better off leaving them alone to rot.
They try to fight inequality yet they only cause more of it. Those people are wannabe feminists and we do not need them. They also commonly call themselves "Lesbian not Queer" yet they like to use the Genderqueer pride flag... What do I have to say about that?
TERFs are essentially the female version of Incels.
by BenShapirosBallsCrusher May 24, 2022
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