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Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. That group of feminists that claims that trans women aren't really women, as biological determinism is only a fallacy when it used against them, not when they use it against others.
Isn't it mindboggling that the Royal College of Psychiatrists would invite a TERF like Julie Bindel to come talk at a study day on transgenderism and transsexuality? That's like inviting Fred Phelps to come deliver the keynote at a gay pride.
by zmas March 15, 2011
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Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Feminists who think that trans women aren’t women, and are a threat to women’s rights.

See Also: J.K. Rowling
Me: Hey Jenna, what’s a TERF?

Jenna: Read J.K. Rowling’s latest tweets.

Me: ***reads tweets*** Ah... that makes sense! She says “No Trans Rights!”
by FegelFatso June 18, 2020
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A group of women that, belong to a vagina cult and believe that if you were a woman and are now a man, you are disgusting and have taken the easy way out of avoiding the oppression of the patriarchy. Or if you are a man that is now a woman you are similarly disgusting and are trying to infiltrate the cult. They are the main reason feminism has such a bad name.
Person 1: “hey Timmy you look sad what’s up”

Timmy: “ I went to a feminism rally was verbally assaulted by this random woman who said I couldn’t be here because I have ‘betrayed my fellow sisters’”

Person 1: “wow they must be a real piece of shit judging you for doing something they should be supportive of”

Timmy: “it was just a terf though so I can’t let it affect me”
by Justbeahalfdecentperson June 24, 2019
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Trans-Exlusionary Radical Feminist. Originally just named radical feminism. The basis of radical feminism is that gender is a social construct forced upon people at birth and are roles specifically designed to keep women subordinate to men (masculinity vs.feminity). Men, Trans activist, and liberal feminist use the term "TERF" because the principle of radical feminism cannot coexist with gender/trans ideology
Radical Feminists are inappropriately named TERFS to silence any female centered discussion
by Ghostglitter December 20, 2016
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"Trans girls aren't really girls"which makes me a big fucking terf
by Amazonian July 25, 2018
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A very bad person who gives feminists a bad name but they're not really a feminist.
I hate TERFs even more
by NoTERFs March 11, 2019
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