Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. That group of feminists that claims that trans women aren't really women, as biological determinism is only a fallacy when it used against them, not when they use it against others.
Isn't it mindboggling that the Royal College of Psychiatrists would invite a TERF like Julie Bindel to come talk at a study day on transgenderism and transsexuality? That's like inviting Fred Phelps to come deliver the keynote at a gay pride.
by zmas March 15, 2011
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Trans-Exlusionary Radical Feminist. Originally just named radical feminism. The basis of radical feminism is that gender is a social construct forced upon people at birth and are roles specifically designed to keep women subordinate to men (masculinity vs.feminity). Men, Trans activist, and liberal feminist use the term "TERF" because the principle of radical feminism cannot coexist with gender/trans ideology
Radical Feminists are inappropriately named TERFS to silence any female centered discussion
by Ghostglitter December 20, 2016
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Women who don't like playing pretend.
TERF: ...They are redefining womanhood as if its a costume and a mere label u can just own with mere snap of fingers.
Me: You go, girl!!
by Redblueyelloworange February 4, 2022
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TERF in it's literal abbreviation means- "trans exclusionary radical feminist".

It's mostly used by Trans people and especially TRA's (Troons) - Trans right activists as a cop out and silencing tactic towards anyone that dares to question any part of gender identity politics/ideology. It's rarely used accurately and no research is carried out by the TRA to even distinguish whether the accused is even a feminist, never mind a, "radical feminist". It's so overused and thrown about that it's lost any real meaning. The majority of people simply view TERF as meaning- "anyone that questions or disagress with any factor of gender identity politics/idealism".

It officially fits the definition of a slur as it's consistently used in an aggressive and derogatory manner in order to slander and victimise anyone that doesn't fully comply with gender identity. TRA's and Troons are known for making violent and threatening statements against those they label TERF's. Evidence of such can be seen in mass by searching TERF is a slur. Link will show.

TRA'S smugly believe they're accomplishing some great feat by calling people this, but due to it being null and void, generally those accused don't really care or feel any effect from it. In fact, just like "Queer" and other previous slurs, it's in the process of being reclaimed and worn as a badge of honour due to the fact that the accused made it so that a TRA had to resort to a cop out instead of providing any logical or factual rebuttal.

Guy: "yeh...sorry but trans women don't have periods. It's the shedding of the uterus."

TRA: "fck you TERF!!!! Yes they do!!!"

Guy: "a what? I'm not a all. I'm just stating a biological fact"

TRA: "yeh whatever TERF, and its not a fact at all, trans women can have periods"

Guy: "again, I'm not a feminist, and no they can't, a period requires a uterus, only females have uteruses, so how can they have a period?"

TRA: "I don't care TERF, and no that's not all that a period is, trans women get sore stomachs and diarrhoea"

Guy: "umm.. so do I when I eat the wrong thing, its still not a period. A period is the shedding of the uterus lining, not a sore stomach or the runs"

TRA: "trans women are women. TERF!!!"

Guy: "I...I'm talking about female bodily functions, trans women are still biologically male?"

TRA: "you fucking evil TERF!!! Show your face now!!!! Where do you work TERF??"
by MrLogic101 April 16, 2022
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Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. Feminists who think that trans women aren’t women, and are a threat to women’s rights.

See Also: J.K. Rowling
Me: Hey Jenna, what’s a TERF?

Jenna: Read J.K. Rowling’s latest tweets.

Me: ***reads tweets*** Ah... that makes sense! She says “No Trans Rights!”
by FegelFatso June 18, 2020
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From the acronym, Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, originally applied to anyone sympathetic to the materialist strand of feminism that seeks to counter women's inequality in the material division of reproductive labour and the objectification of women through sex-role stereotypes (aka "gender"). In defining women by the sub-set of males that women's boundaries exclude, the term centres male interests over women's and has been noted as a dehumanizing slur in UK case law.

In common usage, broadened to apply to any critic of gender-based policies, whether feminist or not.
A: doesn't J K Rowling have a right to free speech?
B: naw, terfs don't have rights.
by Sean O'Neagan April 27, 2022
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Terf stands for trans exclusionary radical feminist/feminism, that describes self proclaimed feminists that go against trans and non bianry people.
Terf: I am an adult human female, these trans women want to take my rights!
Other person: trans women dont want to take your rights, they want to exist, terf.
by jazz161 November 13, 2021
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