Abbreviation for Trans Equal Rights Foundation
Yeah, J.K. is a extreme TERF, she loves trans people and fully supports them.
by The_Champion781 April 9, 2023
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A group of women that, belong to a vagina cult and believe that if you were a woman and are now a man, you are disgusting and have taken the easy way out of avoiding the oppression of the patriarchy. Or if you are a man that is now a woman you are similarly disgusting and are trying to infiltrate the cult. They are the main reason feminism has such a bad name.
Person 1: “hey Timmy you look sad what’s up”

Timmy: “ I went to a feminism rally was verbally assaulted by this random woman who said I couldn’t be here because I have ‘betrayed my fellow sisters’”

Person 1: “wow they must be a real piece of shit judging you for doing something they should be supportive of”

Timmy: “it was just a terf though so I can’t let it affect me”
by Justbeahalfdecentperson June 25, 2019
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A bigoted and hate filled slur against woman, pushed by trans men who feel repressing women will help their cause. TERF: trans exclusionary radical feminist. The mere term is ignorant of the fact that it is not radical to stand up for actual women and it is ridiculous to exclude women for men trying to appear as a woman. It demonstrates the entitled and clueless nature of current western youth.
That woman is such a terf thinking women’s rights apply to them but not men attempting to become female.
by Educated thinker March 28, 2021
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Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. A fake feminist that is a little too obsessed over women´s genitals.
JK: What if I go to the women´s bathroom and I see a penis?
Anna: Have you been spying over bathroom stalls again? God, you´re such a Terf.
by butitwasmonday April 2, 2021
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someone with a functioning brain and morals.
wow, I wish I was as smart as her! I bet she's a terf
by jesusdiedforour cynthias December 29, 2018
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Enabler of


A terf is someone who knows that sex CAN'T be assigned at birth because it's a fact since conception.
A terf also know that perverts who want to enter the Girl/Women sex spaces and destroy women sports are a bunch of degenerate men.
A terf is therefore a woman not neccesarily a Feminjksts who knows taht she is in danger and is reacting naturally to the predator
P.S.: Some Terf are Men who are aware of these sickos and support the women and girls and their wife or daughters etc. and all children and they will not stand down until these Tr@n$ Cult is over.
Men are not women, they will never be and they know it inside.
You are a bigot, nazi , Terf!
by RealOrwellNews October 20, 2023
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A soft spoken but irritating person who asks 20+ questions a day about erroneous bullshit.
Here comes surf n' terfe.
She is sweet but she is being a terfe today.
by Pollypockets January 13, 2015
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