Acronym of "Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist" that is mainly used as a derogatory label for someone who supports mainstream feminism but opposes sex work and therefore denies women the right to engage in sex work.
Don't listen to her, she's a SWERF
by Keipenmann June 21, 2022
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Stands for 'Super Warm Extremely Relaxing Furniture'. Used to describe furniture that is extraordinarily comfy and warm, typically during winters.
Abdul: Hey we need go to the IKEA sometime.
Arjun: Yes! Need to get me some SWERF.
by rartangelion January 9, 2022
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SWERF = Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist, it refers to people who identify as radical feminists but internalize traditional protestant ethics re: sex in a manner that violent to SWers (Sex Workers).

SWERF is inherently violent because it subverts Radical Feminist principles of police state/prison abolition for the supremacy of SW abolition. See also: Purple Rose's work examining SWERF platform, AFF3RM, who sponsor programs that put SWers in direct contact with cops, and directly lead to the arrest/criminalizing of SWers.

SWERFs are not to be confused with feminists who oppose sex trafficking.

SWERFs patronize, vilify, attack and thereby exclude Sex Workers from their idea of who is equal to them as a "real worker."

SWERF is a Radical Feminist/Proletarian Feminist concept derived from the term TERF. Therefore, SWERF is meant to be derogatory. SWERFs are contradictory and rely on speaking on behalf of SWers instead of listening to SWers, because SWers don't know what's good for them. SWERFs follow exhausting circular logic: if you reject SW u reinforce their worldview and if you collectively advocate for safer conditions for SWers you're likened to an unreliable DV victim who "loves" their abuser.... And if you're a white sex worker you're rich, too privileged to experience violence, and racist.

SWERF refers to opportunistic "feminists" who choose to criminalize SWers, because it's lucrative to take advantage of anti-sex-work rhetoric in online leftist spaces.
SWERF: sex workers are parasitic to the working class and they need to be *elevated* to the status of a real worker by quitting their job. Sex work is inherently misogynistic and therefore If you as a sex worker say you enjoy your work you are a violent threat to my community and will be violently be removed from it.

Me: LMAO... nanny state much...? Stop making excuses for abusive clients and start creating safe spaces for sex workers. You don't know if I charge for sex when I bring someone home but you better damn well hold them responsible if they beat or coerce me either way.... stop sicking the cops on me everytime we try to organize...
by TheProletarianFeminist June 30, 2022
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The word that is meant to convince the masses, that radical feminists exclude prostitutes from feminism. (Sex Worker Excluding Radical Feminist). The word is in itself a lie. Radical feminists include all women in feminism, but reject the notion that prostitution can ever be a regular job. So "Sex Work Excluding Radical Feminists" would be more accurate. It is mostly used to silence radical feminists in an attempt to exclude them from the debate.
"Don't listen to her, she is a SWERF".
by RadRed November 17, 2019
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Swerf was coined by a geek in Silicon Valley. Swerf is a noun for unidentifiable organics intended for human consumption.
Ground up refrigerator hash would reasonably be called swerf. Meat loafs are swerf. Stews boiled overlong so the ingredients have disintegrated is swerf. Any organic concoction that humans may eat but they can't identify what went into making it, such as hot dogs or bologna (you don't really want to know what is in them, do you?)are swerf.
by Howard Fossum October 5, 2006
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Picked something up quickly, usually in a hurried motion. Got something out of the way. Cleaned something up.
I swerffed up my cat before the dog got him.
I swerffed up the dog food so the baby wouldn't get it.
I swerffed the crumbs up off the floor.
by zaccin April 7, 2015
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Swerf can be used as both an adjective and a verb depending on emotion and connotation. Swerf can be used in any situation and is actually advised to be used in any situation.
Swerf is the word of all words since it can mean anything...swerf is used in swerfy scenarios.
Swerf as a verb: "If this dude keeps talking shit to me, he is going to get swerfed on."

Swerf as an adjective: "Damn girl you are lookin real swerfy in that dress, why don't you bring your swerfy ass on over here.
by Parallel Rhymes May 16, 2009
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