1 definition by Plague!

An abbreviation of "trans exclusionary radical feminist"

Someone, usually a white cisgender woman, who believes trans women shouldn't be a part of feminism or included in feminist movements because they don't have female reproduction systems or primary sex characteristics.
Terfs often belive that transgender women are all predatory older men, and that transgender men are all confused teenage girls. In the act of excluding trans women from feminism, they also tend to exclude infertile cis women and cis women who have had a hysterectomy or mastectomy.
Terfs also tend to fit themselves into swerf (sex work exclusionary radical feminist), gender critical, and misandrist identifications
Rebecca: Ew, he's such a genderist troon
Amy: her pronouns are she/her you terf whacko.
by Plague! July 18, 2022