Giving your self a kind of secret title that others may not agree about
Paul is self proclaimed the worlds best dancer
by hint December 31, 2015
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A self proclaimed genius is a person that thinks they either know everything, or that they are all that and a bag of chips.
A self proclaimed genius, she bragged about her IQ of 160, and the A on the World History Finals.
by SaggitarianPoetess May 24, 2006
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When someone knows they're an asshole, they're a self-proclaimed asshole. A self-actualized anything is someone who does not yet know who they are, they're still trying to find themselves to find out why people in the world can be well, assholes.
Everyone considered Tommy a narcissistic coward except Tommy. Tommy considered himself an asshole, or as Tommy liked to call it, a self-proclaimed asshole.
by Solid Mantis August 11, 2017
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a girl named ceci who claims she is a million pounds overweight but is a skinny bitch
one who walks around telling people she is whore..hence self proclaimed..even thou yes she is still a virgin and has gone third like once.
one who went to a catholic to be extremely religion and prays all the time ..but yet anytime the word "jesus" or "god" is mentioned she rolls her eyes and laughs..
one who got her ass saved because her bestfriend/sister saved her stupid butt from getting arrested
a girl who makes fun of her bestfriend/sister because she so called has a fish face.. sorry i wasnt photogenic 3 years ago.. im so ashamed. sigh.
one who runs around yelling "my ass is so big" and enjoys the thought of it "jiggling"
one who dissaproves of ..firecracker laughs..

one who claims she is trying to go natural with her makeup and yet wears more makup than anyone i know.. gotta give her credit..she doesnt go all the way with her eyeliner i guess that is considered "toned down".
one who bitches about everything.
one who calls herself "cecilia cecilia"
hates when people pronounce her nickname sessy
complains about her issues in backet weaving class in front of a little gay kid and lesbian chicks.
and yells whoohooo over here in front of a bunch of people when no one actually said anything..
one who in religion class would describe herself in one word as "slutty"
one who makes fun of people who might die from keeping there tampon in to long
did you see that self proclaimed whore ceci the other day? damn her butt was jiggling.
by bart kimmmelos lovely lad October 15, 2011
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A Self-Proclaimed beauty is someone defines themselves as being really cool, chill, funny, a party animal, people always wanna be around you, everyone wants to be your friend, etc...But most of time, people who call themselves a beauty are not actually beauties. They are wannabes, they think they wheel, they think they snipe and they think they party. A beauty is a hockey related slang.
A Self-Proclaimed Beauty says :
Man im such a beauty.
Everyone loves me, im sucha beauty.
Girls want me, im a beauty.
I banged her ftb because im a beauty.
Ihave 70 kills, I am a beauty.

I am Richard Greico, the pizza deliver and Squarantz, the chubby chaser. We are beauties
by carlos1992 December 8, 2012
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1). A poser that belives that he can easuly throw money at a problem and mack any girl possible any time they want.
2). These self made pimps are only popular through money and buying friends off when they are really at the bottom of the social chain without their riches and hollow personalities.
"Brett and that kid that starts with a P are self proclaimed pimps because the only reason girls even look at them is because they throw money at everything in life."
by Nic from the Roc May 14, 2008
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A Person Who Thinks They Are The Shit, But AT The End Of The Day They Are Shit Worthless. They Pretend To Be A V.I.P.
But Little Do They Know, Because They Are The Only Person Who Think That Why About Them...
Self Proclaimed V.I.P.
They Go To The Club And Sit In V.I.P. Knowing They Are Living Check Bye Check....

They Try Their Hardest To Be In The Lime Light But Don't Get It Because They Are Frauds...
by epills215 October 26, 2009
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