a display of female breasts and buttocks
That movie is full of scenes featuring T&A.
by Light Joker September 5, 2005
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1)Tits and Ass.
2) a small used-car dealership near where i live.
dude, you up for gettin some T&A tonight?

i dont buy cars from T&A auto sales.the owner's a perv.
by the H.A.H August 2, 2006
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Meaning Toes & Ankles. A term used by male expatriates working in Afghanistan to express the sexual frustration by being surrounded only by women wearing burkas.
Damn Mike, There sure was alot of T&A at that flour mill I visited yesterday....
by Meinjbad March 14, 2009
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Stupid Brand Of Clothing worn by the preppiest of the preps , worn by almost everyone now..it accentuates ur ass and if ur ass isnt perfect u look like a fat pig.
oh no everyone's wearin T&A i have to get me a pair now.. they only cost 100$ a piece but i have to be kool!
by samuek November 22, 2004
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A drink made of Tonic and Absinthe
I had so much T&A last night, I was hallucinating.
by A fuckin men to that June 10, 2006
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A professional wrestling tag team in WWE (when it was WWF) that consisted of Test, Albert and their manager Trish Stratus. The team formed in March 2000 but never won any titles before splitting for good in December. Of the three Trish has undoubtedly had the most success, becoming one of the most popular women on the WWE roster and to date has the record of most reigns with the company's Women's title (seven). Albert has since been Intercontinental champion and Hardcore champion until his release in 2004. Test has been European champion and Hardcore champion and was released along with Albert in 2004 but returned to WWE and was released again in early 2009 shortly before his death.
One of the notable matches was T&A and Trish vs the Hardy Boyz and Lita
by rickysayshi December 30, 2010
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