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a building where teachers try and make you conform to their thoughts.
fucking school sucks balls
by samuek November 20, 2004
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Stupid Room filled with shitty music , people you hate , girls trying to look like whores and sweat.
the school dance blows
by samuek January 26, 2005
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the process of tellin ones lies to hide the fact that u dun like ppl so that everyone will like you
hey marcia i just lied to tammy to try and make my popularity go up.
by samuek November 22, 2004
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A Great Cd Produced By The Deftones..An outstanding band of the hard rock genre
i listen to Whitepony all last night
by samuek November 22, 2004
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Those spikey green trees that cause thousands of people to be pinched a year, tragically.
"monkey tree cant pinch back!"
by Samuek July 22, 2008
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When you are bored and alone, you keep texting someone and subsequently that person is keeping you company via texts.
That is thumb-pany. When someone keeps you company with texts.
Im all alone at this bus stop, can you keep me thumb-pany?
by samuek August 11, 2010
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Not wiping you bum enough after a poop, and some poo residue is left on your tighty whities...thereby looking like a treadmark.
I didnt wipe hard enough, theres poo on my underwear, and now i have tread marks
by Samuek July 22, 2008
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