a expression used often by gay people to say what love in life and cant to with out
Alex: I live for your haircut

Casey: Thanks
by anonamysn March 1, 2016
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unfortunate event that happens to everyone that exists
i not die, not dead, still alive
-i live <\3
-girl same

-so heart breaking
by ededxde32wdsaxawere January 6, 2021
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When you love someone a lot and you think of that person a lot their life becomes part of yours. You love them so much that you are connected and you live them.
I love you and I live you; or I love you so much that I live you.
by Joyousfool April 22, 2017
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An expression of frustration with one's current situation. Or expression of growing impatience with requests being made of oneself.
Taniqua: Yo change the radio station B
BG: Shut up yo, I love this song
(two minutes later)
Taniqua: Yo I told you to make a right on the last block
BG: Yo taniqua, can I live?
by Wcoco33 December 14, 2007
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9 times out of 10 a misleading statement indicating that someone lives in Maryland or Virgina NEAR Washington, DC People say this to get street cred.
Person1: Yeah, I live in DC.
Person2: Which quad?
person1: Oh, well . . I really live in Alexandria.
Person2: I live in North East, so I guess I can kick your ass.
Person1: Yeah, I guess so.
by Scott Trowbridge July 8, 2006
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you live in the moment.... in other wordssss you don't live your life stuck in the future or in the past you live day to day you know why? no? ok let me tell you becauseee you don't know when you're gonna die or what can happen because shit happens and you can't always control the shit that happens. sooo if you live in the moment you don't plan and you go with the flow of life and let shit rock ya know?
Friends: "What are you doing this weekend?

aniyah: "you know i dont plan shit lol i live in the moment so we'll see"
by niymonae August 28, 2017
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This is the way I live,
Lil' boy still pushin' big wheels,
I stack my money, lay low and chill,
No need to work hard,
This the way i feel, i feel, this is the way i live
by guns1inger2 April 1, 2007
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