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Strong willed from birth. Fierce temper. Bold, beautiful and unafraid. Brilliant, often too smart for her own good. Fussy and unsettled to inconsolible as a baby. Messy as a child. Stormy blue grey eyes or light eyes that change color, blonde to brown hair. Manipulative, but you won't know it. Hypnotic. Seems shallow but after years of getting to know her you will find she only puts on a strong act and underneath she will be the most emotional and sensitive person you may ever know. Her laugh is intoxicating. Her heart is fragile and may have been broken so many times that is all she knows. Born in war, she doesnt even flinch while rockets scream by and she smiles win the bombs explode. She is rare. There is no one like her. She will bring an intense energy in your life and leave you sore with laughter or soaked in tears. She is hard to love but impossible to ignore. She can't hold still, but excells in structured settings. She'd make a brilliant lawyer or a successful surgeon. She is capable of aything aamd needs more love and patience than most. I could fo on about her forever because she is spellbounding. Lita means "light."
Lita is like the Sun, without her, I cannot live, but with her, I only get burned.
by mommaA February 26, 2015
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Once Lisa got the vax she turned into such a vaxinista
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Arguably the greatest WWE Diva of all time. She has held the Women's title on four separate occasions and had a love/hate relationship with Trish Stratus throughout her entire career.

After briefly working on the independent circuit and in Extreme Championship Wrestling, she signed with the World Wrestling Federation in 1999. Originally, she was paired with Essa Rios, but she achieved her greatest push alongside Matt and Jeff Hardy as Team Xtreme.

Dumas had an off-screen relationship with Matt Hardy, which ended in 2005 after her affair with Adam "Edge" Copeland. WWE used the real-life drama between the trio as a storyline throughout 2005 and 2006, which led to Dumas being booed by the fans for the first time and her character becoming more villainous on-screen.
Lita faced Trish Stratus at Unforgiven, in which Lita dropped the Women's Championship to Stratus in what was Stratus' last WWE match. On the November 20 edition of Raw, after defeating Mickie James in a non-title match, Lita announced that she would be retiring from WWE after her match with James at Survivor Series.
Because of the off-screen issues with Matt Hardy, fans began to shout obscenities to her during her matches. By November, Dumas had decided to let her contract expire and retire. At Survivor Series, on November 26, 2006, Lita was pinned by Mickie James, losing the Women's Championship in her final match in WWE. The day after her retirement, Lita stated that her plans to retire began around mid-2005, when the feud between Edge and Matt Hardy was at its height. Because of her involvement in the feud, the harassment she received from some fans was so strong that she felt as if "even when she was walking the dog there was going to be someone yelling 'You screwed Matt!' out the window." Eventually, she became so fed up with the treatment she was receiving from these fans, she decided that the only way to avoid such harassment was to retire altogether.
Also unlike some of the "divas" on the current roster, Lita worked her ass off to achieve what she did.
What happened between Lita, Edge and Matt is no one elses business but theirs. I really don't understand why stupid fucks stuck their noses in and judged Lita. And also why Matt had to be an ass and let the whole world know.
by WWEfanx3 August 24, 2008
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When you screw around on your boyfriend with a married man and come out on top (pun intended).
John's girlfriend at work Lita'd their co-worker. John got fired a week later and his girlfriend and co-worker got a promotion! Only in America!
by R. Kemp May 04, 2005
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The act of getting lit. This is the highest stage of lit you can be. You become litums when you are at that perfect level of drunk right before you black out. Only the truly experienced drinkers can achieve this state on purpose.
Yo bro! Are we getting litums tonight?
Guys, I'm litums right now!
by jucayy July 25, 2017
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A whoreish and insensitive girl. She’s jawdroppingly beautiful and usually pretty stacked.
Stay far away from lita. She’ll make you fall in love, and then break your heart immediately when you start getting to close to winning hers.
by balaminej71 July 30, 2019
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