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A)slang for cocaine or meth

B)used for cooking, esp cakes and breads

C)what you use to roll a really fat chick in while searching for the wet spot where you're supposed to stick your dick.
A)If we're going clubbing we should pick up some flour on the way.

B)This bread recipe calls for one and a half bags of flour.

C)I was so wasted last night that the girl I took home was so fat I had to roll her up in flour and aim for the wet spot!
by Sarah Lambert March 05, 2008
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What asian people from Toronto in clubs call cocain, so the cops think they are talking about cooking suplies instead of drugs.
Yo, yo, I need a bag of flour.
by Tom Power June 03, 2005
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A fine white powder used to make bread, cookies, baguettes, grapes, apples, cars, trees, dogs, and many other useful household items. It is believed that flour will one day rule the world, along side baxter. And then I made sweaty.
May I bother you for another ounce of flour, Cynthia? I'm making grapes for the local school's bakesale.
by Mararet Ann Wallapaloo November 20, 2006
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