A term used in TCG games which means that a player ran out of cards to draw.
*two guys playing Magic*
Dude: *crap, I'm almost out of cards. Only four left in the deck*
Dude 2: play "Ancestral Visions". You draw 4 cards
Dude; Damn it! I MILLed out
by KingFloofy:3 March 13, 2017
Verb; to mill is to constantly Facebook and text message every girl in one high school, regardless of age, color, or size. One who mills never stops until thoroughly rejected.
"Did you hear Sarah got milled last night? He sent her a text saying 'you're kinda cute, want to screw?' She's never talked to him in real life!"
by Stop Online Milling Coalition January 31, 2012
1. "My daddy worked in a mill! My daddy worked in a mill! My daddy worked in a mill!"
-John Edwards
by RHS Student September 7, 2004
Mill is short for 'abortion mill' which is anti-abortion slang for 'abortion clinic'. The term mill comes from the assembly line way girls are treated in abortion clinics. Quite often the girls are lined up in rooms and prep for the abortionist, who only spends a couple of minutes on each one, working in an assembly line fashion.
We were at the mill on Saturday morning and two girls changed their minds about killling their babies.
by Rev Donald Spitz March 15, 2008
to walk a lap around a certain area.
only going right always and never turning back.
hey bill lets mill one lap.
by r jeezy February 27, 2008