Perv is short for pervert. Pervert means some one who is interested in seeing people naked or having sex with them. We are all perverts, we are just afraid to admit it.
Oh my gosh! What are you doing in here? You perv!
by Originaltermsforwords March 27, 2016

1. a person who displays behavior suggesting a sexual obsession

2. a person with unconventional sexual tastes

3. to stare at in a lewd manner
Go away you perv
by The Return of Light Joker February 14, 2009
What females call men that are giving them unwanted attention.
average joe or worse: hi
female: eww, get away from me perv

male model: hi
female: want my phone number?

rich ugly guy: hi
female: let's get married
by god July 27, 2010
(n) (1) Someone perceived by the speaker as being sexually obsessed or promiscuous (rarely a true pervert)
(2) A retort one uses when they think the other person is being twisted in some fashion
(1) Your little brother asked me if my breasts were real. He's such a perv.

Female: You're kind of cute.
Guy: Y'think so? Ya wanna feel my "cute?"
Female: PERV !
by Bill Peters November 11, 2006
A compliment paid by a girl to someone she fancies.
Foxy lady:
Are you looking at my arse again?

Normal guy:

Foxy lady:
You perv.

Normal guy:

Foxy lady:
You know that I'm willing to pay you to shag me, don't you?

Normal guy:
by isleofwightinsider November 11, 2008
guy fat sluggish nerd who lives with his mom who likes to watch pr0n and hentai all the time... seen that guy by the computer cafe? what a perv...
by kickace July 24, 2005