14 definitions by The Gunslinger

A Bong with multiple tubes coming out of it for several (users), see tokers
Man, me and my homies hit that communal bong all night
by The Gunslinger July 14, 2004
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What CheapsexsadFlLMS (Lindsay) starts everyday with. Also known as CIB, refers to an overall bitchy attitude for no reason.
Whoa, Lindsay didn't forget her Carnation Instant Bitch this morning.

P.S CheapsexsadFlLMS(AIM)
-bring it up
by The Gunslinger July 8, 2004
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a term used to discribe the apperance/personality and overall character of a sterotype british person
There are way to many pommy dickheads in this place
by The Gunslinger April 5, 2004
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drug effects wore off

past tense of coming down
Drug effects are wearing off
I came down a little while ago
by The Gunslinger April 5, 2004
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short for aight which is short for allright
me: im funna go over thurr

u: ight yo
by The Gunslinger April 17, 2004
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