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1. (adj., slang) relating to or involving an idea, creation, work of art, etc.. that is so brilliant it inspires other brilliant works after one is exposed to it. Unlike viral trends, trends that Supernova may or may not circulates rapidly and widely from one Internet user to another, but they eventually gain world wide acclaim. The full meaning is most clearly grasped, after the epiphanies experienced via deep contemplation of the juxtaposition with it's antithesis, "viral." While both types of works trend, only positive ones Supernova!

2. (verb) To ejaculate so intensely one lose consciousness.

3. (noun) A rare celestial phenomenon that inspired the slang term Supernova. (see N.A.S.A. for more)
1. That brilliant idea to make a positive version of the slang term "viral" went Supernova!

2. I was concerned I was gonna have to call 911 after she Supernova'd and I couldn't wake her, for like, 10 minutes!!

3. She artfully described a supernova as a star that gives birth to stars, as it gives it's all, to light up the darkness that surrounds us.
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by null_l33t May 03, 2017
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when a woman gives a man oral sex while eating Pop Rox.
my woman last night spiced things up with some pop rox and gave me the super nova.
by babolonfivefanatic October 31, 2006
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The cataclysmic explosion of a massive star. A Supernova may, for a short time, out shine an entire galaxy of a hundred billion ordinary stars. It is thought to leave behind a highly compressed neutron star.
Our Sun could never go supernova because it is simply too small. Only a massive star could die as a supernova.
by OneBadAsp October 20, 2006
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Violent explosion of a star. The star is destroyed, with a remnant forming a neutron star (pulsar) or black hole (collapsar) depending on the residual mass.

There are generally two forms of supernova. One results at the end of the life of a star with at least about eight solar masses, which in a series of progressively shorter-lived and less efficient thermonuclear reactions generates ever heavier chemical elements in layers about the core. Effectively this is a star that lives fast and dies young. When each step in the process chokes up the core with nuclear "ash", contractions follow under gravity, driving up temperatures until they are sufficient to synthesise the next heavy element from this waste product. When the core fills with iron, the end point is reached; it takes more energy to fuse iron into anything heavier than the fusion reaction produces. At this point the star collapses, driving temperatures into perhaps twelve figures Kelvin and triggering an explosion that blows most of the star to smithereens.

A second type occurs in close orbiting binary systems where one star A, being more massive, evolves more quickly to the red giant phase and develops a thin outer envelope and a core rich in carbon. Its companion B skims off the outer layer, grows in mass and itself evolves to the red giant stage. At this point the carbon-rich star A begins reclaiming the hydrogen; when the gas accreting onto it drives its mass over 1.4 solar masses a huge nuclear reaction ensues and A blows itself apart.

Supernova explosions can briefly outshine the combined output of all the stars in at least a modest galaxy. They are also responsible for seeding the Universe with the heavy chemical elements of which the Earth and our very bodies are made.
A supernova is one of the most violent events in the Universe.
by Fearman November 09, 2007
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A spell used in Final Fantasy VII by the final boss Sephiroth. He summons a massive comet into the solar system, which proceeds to demolish the outer planets up to Jupiter. It then crashes into the sun, causing it to go supernova and destroy Mercury and Venus. As the sun continuously expands toward Earth, Sephiroth basks in the sun itself, while your party is damaged heavily. The animation for the spell takes nearly 2 minutes to complete.
"Dude, cure your party or Sephiroth will cast Supernova and pwn you."
by bigjimdx October 03, 2006
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After a hard night at the bars/clubs with no luck, a man will return to his abode and cry. While he is crying, he will whack off to internet porn. At the moment of ejaculation, a tear might hit the semen in midair. This magical moment is called a supernova.
Last Sunday at 3 AM I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if a million voices cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear a supernova has happened.
by Johnny Sac April 20, 2008
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1. A rare celestial phenomenon involving the explosion of a star, resulting in an extremely bright, that emits vast amounts of energy.

2.A summon that is found in the world of Final Fantasy VII and is only used by Safer Sephiroth, the final form of Sephiroth. The attack consists of a large blast in space destroying our nine Planets of our Solar Systeme, the Milky Way. The blast reaches the Sun and collides into it creating a large explosion that reaches Earth engulfing all your FFVII characters dealing a decent amout of damage and causing multiple amount of status abnormalities.
The five minute long attack, Super Nova.
by Sephiroth December 19, 2004
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