The only word spoken by Sean Paul that can be understood
Sean Paul: hoomandeweiyeadedchineigtdry temperature keepinuunuhoh
Listener: WTF?
by Pblcnme October 20, 2006
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if someone is feeling feverish. They may ask someone to check if he /she has a temperature.
by placing a hand on the head to check if the head is hot and feverish and to see if the person has a temperature. The person may ask "have i got a temperature" or sympathetically - "tempwature"
by Snarly May 27, 2008
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A plan .
What’s the temperature for tonight ?
Not sure yet might be fucking this one girl , you ?”
by AudemarOmnitrix August 10, 2019
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having fever... body temperature goin above 98 degree.... body going warm....
hey ur body is so warm... u've got temperature i think
i cant come for the party, im having temperature
by samreen August 30, 2006
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The opposite of using temperature words to describe looks. Temperatureness is often used to distinguish between being hot or cool in a temperature, instead of physical appearance.
I am feeling hot, in temperatureness.

I am hot, but not in temperatureness.
by correct11 November 19, 2010
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The art of keeping a comfortable temperature in a public place such as a restaurant or store.
I am cold! They need to temperaturize this restaurant.
by Tabitha Extra December 25, 2017
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