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The only word spoken by Sean Paul that can be understood
Sean Paul: hoomandeweiyeadedchineigtdry temperature keepinuunuhoh
Listener: WTF?
by Pblcnme October 20, 2006
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if someone is feeling feverish. They may ask someone to check if he /she has a temperature.
by placing a hand on the head to check if the head is hot and feverish and to see if the person has a temperature. The person may ask "have i got a temperature" or sympathetically - "tempwature"
by Snarly May 27, 2008
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When something is really really good!
Refering to something being hot!
Only to be used to describe the VERY best i.e. something that cannot be topped by anything else.

"That girls bootie got temperature"
"I went to a club last nite and the trax the DJ was playing had temperature"
by SuperThought October 01, 2003
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having fever... body temperature goin above 98 degree.... body going warm....
hey ur body is so warm... u've got temperature i think
i cant come for the party, im having temperature
by samreen August 30, 2006
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