to be thoughtful, to express your feelings and emotions/ to try and communicate with god within yourself, to prey or request with him
Contemplation - If toay was prefect there would be no need for tomorrow
by Lucky Lunacy December 22, 2005
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The essence of this word, or its stem is: To temporarily elate any cons. Thus contemplate. Think deeply, going within the metacaverns of your colorful mind, exposing the inner, radical contents of the unconcious centres and bringing them to the light.. in the end you get a highly-defined, crystal view of any situation or thought/phenomena.. hyperdynamic states of awareness, your seed is planted, interconnected and synchronized with all beings, becoming one four-dimensional harmonginous fungai of Sacred imagination, mirroring through quadre-polegonic trapeziums, ascending the juzembi-roughers into to creatures of multi-hexangular LOVE!!!!
Aldous: What would we need to do to perceive infinity?

William: If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as is, infinite.

Terence: One would need to contemplate over what mechanisms would be effective enough to "cleanse" the doors of perception.. possibly the doctors of the soul may be of assistance, for they are inter-mediators in super-human form, connecting physical reality, to the spirit world.
by Phosphorojic September 9, 2010
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A state of thoughtful tranquility which is blissfully useless, like meditation but takes less work. Variants: plicity. Adjective: contemplicitous, plicitous.
Pach was shrooming last week and came over all contemplicitous for about half an hour before he got to thinking that his eyes were too cold.

I had to take a long trip last week and spent the train rid in a state of total contemplicity.
by Oddlyaromatic June 1, 2005
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the quality or characteristic to assess the possible
She was in a state of constate contemplicity.
by Emily Saintus February 26, 2003
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1. given to or characterized by contemplation
2. a person devoted to contemplation, as a monk
a contemplative mind.
by Connolita March 28, 2008
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when someone lays on top of you and lightly places their lips on your lips and the two of you say "contemplate" back and fourth. Same effect as a kiss.
OMG! natalie and matt contemplated on the green couch in natalies basement while we were watching madagascar. it was so cute!
by Mrs.guppy May 26, 2006
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How tf you ain’t know what a three sided square is cmon big brain it’s a contemplate
by Grandma pantys April 30, 2019
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