This is a person who is a jackass. He/she does not know what they are doing even when someone tells them. They pretend they are cool but dont realize the group which he is popular in only exists in his mind. They tend to come in peoples rooms and touch everything as if they have a compulsive disorder.
Jin-woo, student who failed semesters at Frostburg State University
by Rabbit November 24, 2003
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A Person Who Is Stupid like thier ass.
That Dick Is an Stupid Ass. Damn Your a stupid ass
by Ta Jay July 27, 2009
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a playful word u use with your bestie
"aw, gurl i love your stupid ass"
by huhnotleah November 20, 2018
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Dumb fuckers who use words like "lolz, omgz, lawlz, kewl, kool, wuz, cuz, iz, az, alwayz, etc"
Im a stupid ass cuz I uz wordz like lolz.
by Aces R High August 28, 2006
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A nigga that knows shit 'bout nothing. A dumb nigga.
Stop trying to do math, you stupid ass nigga.
by miizu March 10, 2014
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