This is an acronym meaning: Young And Coming Home Tonight.

It means that you scored and some fly ass coochie is going to come home with you!
Mark- You find any honeys in the club?

Spence- Yea bro, this gurl is YACHT!
by bestgreenknight April 10, 2011
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A way to smoke weed where you use tobacco as a screen underneath your dope. Gives good head rushes
" Fuck Mad Headbuzz of that fat yacht!"

" If I can not smoke a yacht, I will not smoke at all"
by Acid Breaker 67 January 27, 2009
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Chauncy invited all the guys from his fraternity to a white sweater and loafers party on his yacht.
by zwibble de jah jah June 25, 2010
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To head to a place quickly.
Hey man, should I cruise over?

We bout to leave ..better yacht over nigga.
by J.Lin July 15, 2012
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mixing marijuana and tobacco into a plastic bong with a cone bowl over flowing with marajuana and popping it threw the bowl in one single hoot.

Also shotty yacht using zebra pen.
me: Pack me a F**king Yacht bro
Wes: F**K You man pack your self you're own yacht.
Me: Pass me the yacht smoke and weed then.
by Smilez420 June 21, 2009
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A penis 8 inches or over that is uncircumcised (has a sail).
Girl/Guy 1: I met this great guy last week, he has a yacht!
Girl/Guy 2: I've never had bigger than a dinghy!
by DoctorYachtopus July 29, 2016
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adjective meaning 'the unexpectedly brilliant result of what initially appears to be misfortune'.

The word came about after 3 guys trying to get from sardinia to corsica missed the ferry. But rather than wallow in misery, they comandeered a yacht, and sailed over, looking a million dollars! Totally yacht!
"Got thrown out of the club, but pulled a nang swedish girl on the nightbus home.... it was totally yacht."
by Bonifacio April 4, 2006
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