the most annoying, yet suprisingly amusing, popup, EVER!
you are an idiot! ha-hahah-haha-ha-aw
by creamalicious™ May 23, 2004
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An internet virus that turned into a meme. It's kind of a rickroll v2.
"You are an idiot! Ahhahah ahhhahaha!"
by Resterez November 28, 2020
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A pop up virus including 3 smiley faces with a text written in times new roman saying "You are an idiot!" with a small exclamation point. If you allow pop ups, 6 windows spawn they will bounce all around your screen, closing will cause to spawn even more windows. Using the Alt+F4 key just spawns an error message saying you are an idiot!
This is called a virus, but it is not since it is based in JS code.
I just went on You Are An Idiot and got my computer damaged that i had to restart it.
by dswqsa895 January 8, 2023
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The most amazing, annoying, addicting, beautiful, great, awesome flash video ever created! The creator of this must have been doing Meth, Coke, Smack, Speed, Cannabis, Ultram, Tramal, Tramagetic, Heroin, Temgesic, Transtec, Subutex, Ketaset, Ketanest, Ketalar, dex, dextro, skittles, robo, Xanax, Lexotanil, Librium, Rivotril, Klonopin, Valium, Temesta and Ativan, Weed and Crack, all at the same time!
Normal Person: Dude, You are an idiot!
Idiot: Nuh Uhh!!
Normal Person: No for real... You Are An Idiot, Ahhahahahahahahahahahahahaahh!
by Remodwof March 4, 2009
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A common question asked to 99% of the population because they are idiots.
"Hey, Fitzy why are you such an idiot?"Answer: "Duh..."
by GNUJunkie December 9, 2011
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