@tiredmehjabin: (g)i-dle is the best gg of 4th gen
@swiftsvelvet: period bestie!!
by shutthefuckuppri February 27, 2021
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Best•ie /'bestê/ noun
A bestie is so much better than a best friend. A bestie can read your mind and knows all your secrets(even the ones you probably don't remember). A bestie is the superhero of friends. This person can make you pee your pants from laughing when all the chaos in your life should really be making you cry. A bestie also is the one person in your life that knows your family(good & bad) as well as you do. One may have a few or possibly several best friends, but it is only possible to have only one bestie. A bestie always has your back and reminds you what an awesome, badass of a person you are when you need it. To find your one true bestie is truly a blessing.
Sarah and Heather have been bestie's since they were 16 years old, and love each other awful.
by Libragem July 09, 2014
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Someone you love, someone you absolutely can not live with out.

Very very special
She's my bestie, hurt her and I'll hurt you. :-)
by Uhmnolikestop February 13, 2014
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my bestie just gave me a cookie! OMFGWTF!!!!!11111!!!!!!!11!
by Jojo November 19, 2004
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Two people who are more than best friends that are obviously meant to be together.
Girl 1: Bill and Jill are totally made for eachother but they only think of eachother as a bestie.
Girl 2. I know right! They should totally go out
by lucky#13 September 13, 2010
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