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verb-to do something that defines who you are; completing an act that is defined by usual character and behavior; telling someone to be themselves, and not worrying about someone else, and acknowledging we all are different.
dont wry abt me
ima do me, do u
dont do me, do u
do wat u gotta do, ima do me
by jay ah dee ah August 17, 2006
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From Afrikaans, translated as cunt. Cunt is an English term that refers to the human female genitals. It was replaced after the Norman Conquest, in jargon but not in the common tongue, by the Latin vagina. In London and other English towns in the Middle ages there were roads named Gropecunt Lane, where prostitutes plied their trade; these roads have long since been renamed.
Your a dous!
Oh dous! I should have scored that.
She has a nice dous.
He's a fucking dous!
by Dcough January 29, 2006
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Beloved one who is highly respected for their kick-ass-ness.
"Dou", wanna share a smoke?
"Dou", thanks for all you do.
"Dou", please pass the fried bananas.

"Dou" me.
by Abella Sorella February 22, 2009
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Dou is a great special word to relieve stress and pump up adrenaline in the body, you can scream it, whisper it and abuse it when come great power comes great responseabiliy
by Dou Master May 04, 2018
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originates from vietnamese slang- "Dou ma" means to "fuck your (respondent's) mum". However, the single word "dou", implicit of its infinitive form, "to dou"; means to "screw someone up", usually through physical means like bashing their face in or the application of an armbar or strangle. Its coinage is credited to an anonymous ABV and ABC known only (urban dic. rules) as "teabag" and FC.
I wanna 'dou' that kient.
by FC-Tea May 20, 2006
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