A suffix that can be used after adjectives and nouns in any situation.
Craig is a young ass nigga.

Steve Jobs is a rich ass nigga.

That doctor ass nigga saved my mother from cancer.
by Lifs September 21, 2020
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Two words that act as a suffix when describing a person's occupation or demeanor by use of adjective, or of their position/rank/identity etc.

For female persons "ass ho" can be used.
1. Jessica Alba's boyfriend is one lucky ass nigga.
2. I just got jumped by some brutal ass niggas on the street.
3. That lifeguard ass nigga just saved my life.
by Naked Assassin November 7, 2005
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The type of nigga who actually enjoys Sicko Mode. The type of nigga who chiefs on the blunt 24/7. The type of nigga who says nigga at the end. The type of nigga who’s from the U.K. The type of nigga who always asks for dragons in CoC but never donates anything back. The type of nigga who says “getcha dick out my mouth.” The type of nigga who says she got sum tig ol biggies.
“You a whole Ass Nigga
by BoofBoi February 4, 2019
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1.Niggas who think they can talk shit about everybody because they got a little change in the pockets but then when they be broke they wanna come to everybody else.

2. A nigga that ain't shit
If you a underground rapper and you wanna flex how much money try actually having actual bars/lyrics and then try having a record deal you not ass nigga
by The #1 BAD BITCH January 16, 2016
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A black guy that's a douche, but entertaining at the same time.
Dem ass niggas having a time their life.
by Don't Deal It October 3, 2018
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One who is not genuine in actions or intentions. Will switch up on you giving an opportunity that will benefit them. Not loyal to any standards.
That sucka ass nigga told my girl I was flirting with Ashely .
by Hemitebarealnigga March 11, 2016
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1. An individual who is weak/small/soft (i.e. a pussy) that can be thrown around easily like the infamous gaming character Kirby.

2. A male who likes to 'suck up' other males.

3. A person who imitates others. (Swagger Jacker)
'All you do is talk sh*t, but you ain't nothin' but a Kirby Ass Nigga!'


'Ron used to be a badass, but since he got out of jail, he just a Kirby Ass Nigga.'


'Tyrell always be jockin my style, look at that Kirby Ass Nigga!'
by TheMagicZebra April 6, 2011
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