One of the most talented rappers out there. And underrated. He is smooth with his lyrics, doesn't talk about guns, violence, pimping or anything else. He is just a smooth ass mother fucker. My favorite. People cant really understand him cause he's got that rare new york accent where you slur your R's. He's ill though. Check him.
Flow if a n****s flowing, i'm toasting to bitches posting, approaching with mixed emotions, i'm hoping to get you open...

East New York, Eighty-two, First pumas navy blue
First wife Kiesha Wilson with love, she was my baby boo
Crazy crew, paying dues, few of us made it thru
Fogged window, Ms. Glady's, that was my favorite view
Hated school, never went, hookie was better spent
Right around the time the god rised, smoking dead presidents
Devilish ever since, seeking for hope, needing some form of nourishment
It's eighty-eight,
skin starting to radiate
Hit on my baby-face mama bear could see that I'm there
She finally gave me space change of pace moving quicker
Consuming liquor, humping on some chicks pussy
Trying to undo her zipper

He's sick
by Knahlidge December 12, 2003
One of the illest rappers to ever do it, Flow & Lyrics is flawless. One of NYC's finest.
Go Cop: Doe or Die, or Pieces of a man

Good shit
by AC March 21, 2005
When ya see a super hot chick you say damn thats an AZ!
Means cool, hot, sexy..
I a see hot chick walkin by and say damn Thats an az right der.
by Simon R. September 12, 2006
That Az is a lil more expensive than i was lookin to spend.
by smallaxe December 15, 2006
a fun word to spell in scrabble, and a fun word to call someone.
emily wanted to put a word on the scrabble board, but, when someone declared that it wasnt a word she said "yes it is... heather your an az!"
by heather and emily and julia December 23, 2008
your booty, butt, ass...
her az was sooo big..
kis ma az
he an azhole
by azman July 25, 2004