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How to pronounce lol, when used in real life. the z just adds a little extra spunk to it.
by deedub. April 24, 2005
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A lesser version of "lol." It means you found something entertaining, and/or amusing, but not enough to create an actaul laugh, chuckle or chortle. Allows the person your chatting with to know that you find them entertaining, but that you are in fact, not laughing at them :)
Person 1: "Man... I saw this little oompa-loompa today... and she was hawt!"

Person 2: "Lawlz..."

Person 1: "I know!"
by A Rebecca January 24, 2009
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(LAWLS) A joking way of saying lol. A word used to make fun of people who use the term LOL. The term LAWLZ is usually extended to maximize sarcasm "LAWLZZZZZZZZ"
Jake: Knock, Knock
Abby: Who's there?
Jake: Boo.
Abby: Boo who?
Jake: Wow there, no need to start crying!
by shontelle1234 September 20, 2010
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used to explain that your life is so ridiculous the only thing left to do is laugh about it.
My Ex-Boyfriend hooked up with me 2 hours after breaking up with me...LAWLZ!
by Dookie4eva December 12, 2010
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a sarcastic term for lol. making fun of the people using lol. it shows that you like something and find it funny. sometimes used to be mean when some one says something really boring or useless.
by skilevo July 14, 2011
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