Similar to brewing, but more intense. It happens when you got an intense one brewing inside of you
My boy Gilly was stewing up a storm in class today.

Mr. La was bare cheesed at me and gilly for stewing it up in front of him.
by Jewtron March 9, 2022
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The act of repressing a deuce, usually due to lack of facilities or proper crapper conditions, allowing the feces to develop a more pungent aroma than normal, leading to horrific smelling gas.
I've had this shit stewing for hours, this is gonna reek.
by Jibba22 April 4, 2008
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Worse than a swot, a person who sucks up to teachers, follows all school rules and is maybe not smart, but incredibly hardworking.
To boot, the stew usually has a sneaky or annoying personality.
Usually used in Northern Ireland
See that girl, over there? She does favours for the teachers, has a long skirt and done top button and got 100% in that deadly physics test!
She is such a stew!
by SnowPatrolFan April 2, 2007
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BR_Player: Hey how do I get wood?
PhrozenN: stew.
BR_Player: what does that mean?
PhrozenN: just stew.
by neilson December 30, 2008
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Money, a typical Valois term.
I'd go see the movie but i dont have enough stew.
by - September 6, 2003
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(n.) buscuit dip. indigenous to crockpots.
i sure love that stew. It makes them buscuits even better.
by T-Dog Jenkins February 7, 2005
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A far cooler alternative to owned, pwned, or served that generally means you were dissed. Most effective following a bad "your mom" joke.
Anne: Well that was pretty quick.
Amanda: Your mom was pretty quick...last night!
Cara: OHHHHH you just got STEWED!
by ShivaPie December 23, 2005
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