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a elijah best/sketch simp, a tiktok editor and a very epic twitter user
esviea is lame
by - September 4, 2021
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Chanel Cole was the greatest contestant of Australian Idol in history. Chanel used a combination of lyrics, melody and tone to enhance and capture the audience. Chanel was a unique and lovely individual who rather then in the competition to win, was there to create both a fashion statement and music statement. A statement of how music really should be.
Chanel Cole came in at 5th place in Australian Idol, but was clearly the worthy winner of Australian Idol 2.
by - January 17, 2005
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They think they are the best thing since sliced bread and wear Kappa tracksuits and think they are HARD. They also wear old granda hats( stolen off old grandad ). they hate Goths or hippies entering their ' space ' and think its cool to drink until their off their head, while others just think their stupid and point and stare!
' have ya GOTH the time ?? '
by - September 15, 2003
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"Hey Pete let's play CS today after school. I know a really cool level that has a real aeroplane in it!"
by - February 10, 2003
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typical lame girl at your highschool
thinks toothbrushes are masturbation tools
by - January 22, 2005
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