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A white boy, who thinks hes brown, he likes to fart, and he like to drop the soap.
yo man stop being an adil, geez
by - March 24, 2005
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A car in the bay area. A bucket with dubs, knock, whistling pipes, tvs and dvd players, and all 4 doors open and hyphy cats in and out of the car like whaaa!
"Out the scraper window sayin, 'Whaaaa'"
- Doonie
by - October 19, 2004
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Australian collouquialism for skin between your balls and your asshole. (see: taint). Note also: world-wide grammar and anatomy scholars are still debating whether women have a 'gug'.
"Hey baby, maybe tonight we should go see Bridget Jones Diary again and then you can lick my gug"
by - May 14, 2003
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A word that describes a fool, cunt or moron who thinks he or she is the best thing that has happened to the internet. A Superterran is not aware they are as stupid as everyone see's them. They are scum scouring the east coast of the United States.
I have been acting like superterran lately, I have fucked everything all up and thought it looked good.
by - October 1, 2004
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puchana es puchana
palabra inventada p0r mi i po0r l0oree ohh see ohh¡!¡
t0dos son un0s puchan0sss
by - January 21, 2004
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