you can use it in

"ohh the pizza stew is delicious"
you know you can use it for anything
by iamright12345 August 3, 2020
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The state achieved while drunk and high at the same time. The word pulls its roots from a maritime dialect known as Chiac and is a combination of saoul (the french word for drunk) and stoned. An alternative is the word crunk.
Me: wow those people are messed up on weed and alcohol.
Arnaud: Ya dude y sont stewed (translation: ya dude there stewed)
by Benj claytor December 20, 2010
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1. The act of being seduced and pegged by a close family member of the same gender, usually a brother and/or father.


2. Word used to describe a young boy who is both incest and stuck in the closet at the same time.
1. Person A: Why has (name) been acting so weird recently.
Person B: Not sure, but I think he may have been stewed.

2. Person A: That boy is way to close to his family.
Person B: Ye, he's stewed.
by XxxgayxxX June 21, 2019
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A short way to say the word 'stupid'. Fun to say, and more insulting than saying the word 'stupid'.
"2 times 2 equals 5, right?"

"It equals 4, stew!"
by somechild February 7, 2013
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1. A dish cooked by stewing, especially a mixture of meat or fish and vegetables with stock.

2. Informal (for a man) an ex-boyfriend/ex-husband of a present (or prospective) female lover, with whose thorny memory and existence he has to deal daily.

3. Informal Mental agitation: in a stew over the lost keys.

4. Archaic A brothel. Often used in the plural.
(1) As burning AEtna from his boiling stew Doth belch out flames. --Spenser

(2) Man, I can't get over that fucking stew!
by Saint Augustine April 19, 2003
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When in beer pong, a player sinks the ball in the drinking cup of another player and the first player's partner immediately repeats the action yielding a double sunk drinking cup. The first sink ends the game, the second sink results in the player being "stewed." The result of being "stewed" is a permanent ending of the player's beer pong career.
"Holy shit...I've never seen anyone get stewed before. You just got owned in beer pong."
by zombiejesus666420 April 4, 2009
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Something fresh and nice, a feeling of dreams come through
by qutie October 29, 2018
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