Greeting usually found in the North of England and the celtic lands.
How do bloke - see your girlfriends shagging that tosser Jimmy Smith again...
by Haych September 12, 2003
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In the United States, a very country way to greet someone.
Well let's go over there and say "how do" to the Joneses.
by Stroll August 31, 2004
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A way to say that you are baffled or incapable of understanding something. Simmilar to "I can't even."
Johnny: "And then you just add these small details, and you've got a masterpiece drawing of a horse."
Billy: "Woah, wait, how do?"
by Acorn Man June 3, 2015
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The common way of asking to learn how to do something.
"How do that?!" or " How do and say something you want to know how do.
by Kinkky May 19, 2011
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An expression taken from an old, old joke that describes a persons failure to grasp the obvious or demonstrate such intellectual ineptitude as to illicit a comment of " How Do It Know?"

The joke refers to a question posed to a scientist by a student ( or in variations IBM executive and employee, Republican and voter..ect...)"Sir in your opinion what is the worlds greatest invention?" asked a student. The scientist replied "The thermos bottle!" "Why?" asked the student, obviously confused. " Well" said the scientist, "it keeps cold drinks cold in the summer and hot drinks hot in the winter." holding up his thermos bottle in awe,"How do it know?"Also see No Shit Sherlock, Duh and George W Bush
The doctor looked at the thermometer then at the patients sweat covered brow and soaked bed clothes. "Any fever? "he asked the patient. " The nurse shook her head muttering in disbelief " How do it know? "
by KungFu Donut February 7, 2008
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Somewhat archaic greeting. Was popular in England in polite society before the 50s.

The phrase is somthing of a non-sequiter - if read as written there's only half a verb, because one usualy does somthing rather than just does. The question could be construed as 'doing' your girlfriend or wife, but the intent is not to open a discussion on sexual acts, but rather to greet.
Jack: How do you do?
Jill: I am well Jack, and yourself?
by Swamp Ig December 1, 2005
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