In Scots it means a plume of smoke. can also be used as reekie or reeking not to be confused with the other common usage meaning smelly
look at the reek from that lum(chimney)
Lang may ye'r Lum Reek =scots proverb
by Alba gu Brath July 4, 2006
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An immensely pungent stench; a foul odour, especially used to descibe that of unespoused males or their bedchambers, usually the result of neglegence of personal hygiene or general cleanliness of an individual's living space.

See also: aquaboogie
That reek that emanates from his pores demonstrates that he is a primitive specimen who is obviously obvlivious to the twentieth century advancements made in the field of persoanl hygiene.
by Ben Hashem October 5, 2003
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a word that is for some reason always used to describe the smell of marijuana.
don't walk past those cops, man. you fucking reek!
by omg dictionary November 26, 2007
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One handsome dark skinned dude that’s very loyal and honest he’s a very true and pure friend but don’t get on his bad side .
Man you know reek is 5’9
by Hoodrichz January 23, 2021
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(v): to be lame or annoying
by D'BO October 23, 2003
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my blind date reeked all nite about politics and the downfall of society
by scott edwards October 26, 2004
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Common sound made in horror movies, such as the famous shower-knife scene. Creepy. When someone around here is freaked out by something they refer to it as a "reek reek"
That girl is a stalker or something straight from a horror movie. She is totally reek reek. Stay away from her, dude.
by nitz January 17, 2006
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