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a word that only an (american) Indian can understand. things we do are "indigenous" because they are down-to-earth and natural with our culture. silence, meditating, being one with nature, listening to our surroundings.

basically having the traits that an Indian would have, but being pridefull when doing them. doing natural, native things, either out of curiousity or to represent our Native history. the epitomy of being "down-2-earth" or others may say "down-ass"

similar to the N word, you must be Indian to fully understand the word Indigenous or use it in the proper context.
"the painting of the man laying with the wolf is very Indigenous"

"its a good day to be Indigenous on the reservation"

"our Native Pride shows how Indigenous we are"

"when the chief was crying, he was expressing his indigenous self"
by Barrett-Mikel-Dahl April 29, 2008
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The word indigenous, or indignous (In-DIG-Nuss), is synonymous for cool, awesome, extreme, or rad. If something is indigenous than everyone should like it.
Have you heard this band? They have some indignous new tunes and styles, as if they were extremely rad.
by Peterson McBee June 28, 2005
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Indigenous is someone who is naturally native to a land before colonisation
Pauline Hanson is not an Indigenous person
by Gulsum Cerrah August 28, 2019
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