Cara is the most beautiful, kind hearted, sweet, funny, sassy, relatable, wonderful all around person. Although she is on the popular side she will never let someone sit alone. She will let people in easily but shut them out real quick. She could go through a mud hole and her long black beautiful hair and amazing face would still look like a Vogue model .
Girl: Was that Cara?

Boy: Yeah, she's so beautiful .
Girl: I wish I was her
Boy: I wish I was dating her. Ughhhhh
by lilylove!!!! December 14, 2017
The best, most beautiful person in the world. She has sweet kind eyes and a great sense of humor. She always has her long blond hair in a ponytail but it still looks good. She is the best person in the world and you are missing out if you've never met her. Also she likes cheese cake, root beer, dark chocolate, and jello.
by carterhayes1 May 24, 2011
Cara is irish for dear friend and is one of the dearest friends you could haveShe is sexy and fun and hurt shes to specil to ever even think about hurting her.
Cara is my best friend everyone should have a friendliike cara
by bobhope123456789 August 12, 2010
a hot and sexy freind who is always there for you, but very silly. someone who boys can relate to with her dirty mind. someone who will fuck anyone she wants. so go get her.
god damn it, i got the hots for this girl thats like a cara.

yo check her out dawg, she is soo cara.

Dave: i need a wife who is a cara

Bob: lets go to a stripper club, you'll find one there.
by carabear March 26, 2008
A sweet, shy book nerd with writing skills like you wouldn't believe, and a social phobia that keeps her in the background. She's nice enough to take condoms off of your lock, and can top Stephenie Meyer by drawing you into a story. Her locker looks like the inside of CBGB and she always has her iPod handy. I've never seen as eyes as blue as hers, or a voice that I wanted to hear more. One day she'll be a famous author, and her full name will be on Urban Dictionary.
I really, really, really like Cara but I'm afraid she's too good for me. That, and my friends think she's too weird and indie to be with me
by I'dRatherNotSay January 19, 2009
"Did you see the booty on the Cara at the party last night? I mean, that thing was nice. I want to make friends with it."
by it's anchorMAN not anchorWOMAN February 5, 2010
a very lovable, adorable, cute and silly baby.
by SOMEONE September 7, 2004