to use an automatic weapon to fire blindy and rapidly, releasing a large amount of bullets at one time.
"Yo, I got the motherfuckin' AK and I'm going spray. I got the motherfuckin' glock and I'll come down your block"

by X Rod November 25, 2003
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v. to boast, brag, or talk smack, particularly among the rock climbing community.
That French guy in the neon tights sprayed on and on about how easy some 5.14c route was.
by cashmang July 14, 2009
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To fire a series of bullets at a time without really aiming at all.
by Mix Mastah Vlad October 9, 2003
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"Taint of love! Fuck dat ass! FDA! Get ready, I'm gonna spray all day!"
-<i>Funkin Dam As Whole</i>
by Reese May 9, 2003
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To shoot everywhere. Mainly in gang wars.
I was fightin' n*ggas then, but I'm spraying now.
-21 Savage
by Suburban_DICTION4RY January 16, 2017
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i'll spray you with the ak, and leave your girls chin nutty as a payday.
by Ry Diddy January 31, 2005
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Someone, normally female, whose skin is unnaturally tanned, usually orange in color, and obviously used a spray on or other sunless tanning product.
Guy 1: Hey did you see that spray-on that just walked by?
Guy 2: Yeah man how could i miss her she looks like she took a highlighter to her skin.
by Goldy33 September 14, 2010
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