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Nigerian practice of throwing money on a dancing person.
I went to that party and got sprayed! I made a few thousand!

The host of the party got up and started spraying the best dancer.
by Lotanna O April 24, 2008
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A car term that refers to the use of nitro during a race.
β€œdude you totally were just spraying! that’s why you beat me!”
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by Korboner January 13, 2020
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To shoot everywhere. Mainly in gang wars.
I was fightin' n*ggas then, but I'm spraying now.
-21 Savage
by Suburban_DICTION4RY January 16, 2017
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to overly show affection to someone in public. to claim as your own. to be all over someone.
"man your like a dog, quit spraying her."
by pure p August 04, 2007
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When nigga beef gets so bad normal pistols aren't enough, the nigguhs then resort to crazy automatic weapons to obliterate each other such as tech 9s, mac elevens and in really fucked up cases AK-47s, M-16s and even light-machine guns. The gang of completely mentally crazy goons then proceed to find their victims and grace them by spraying bullets all over the place with the hope of turning the other people into a water strainer. In some cases due to extreme stupidity, lack of any proper weapons training whatsoever, lack of marksmanship or general common sense, the attackers miss their targets all together and just leave their hood littered with bullet holes and a treasure trove of evidence for the cops to then go hunt their asses.
Yo bitch me an ma niggas got beef with yo, now we gonna be spraying your bitch-ass, sorryass. Yo better run nigga cause its abou to rain on yo ass!

Yea nigga me and my psycho niggas been sprayin on tat other gang all night, punk ass mothafuckers think they hard we sure showed them, left bodies everywhere, yea thats real ma nigga!
by DaRealestDawgfromDaBlock September 11, 2019
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