To gloat or brag about something
He was boasting about his fly girlfriend.
by Orbital July 18, 2005
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Burnt toast, to boast is to burn your toast or be presented with burnt toast by another.
Dude: Hey man thats some burnt toast

Brian Badonde: BOOOO Boast!!!
by samisamazing June 3, 2011
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To get high or to smoke weed. It can be used as a verb or as a noun such as in the case of having some boast or some boasties.

Origin: San Diego
Hey man, wanna get boasty?
Care to boast?
Hey man, got any boast?
That was some good shit. I'm boasty!
by pubrtt February 27, 2007
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1. (n) shat.

2. (v) to shat.
1. Alright, alright.. I'll clean the boast of the floor, but you're doing it next time.

2. Mr. Fuller is boasting all over the floor...AGAIN!
2. Did you boast in the mailbox?
by Mahalie April 11, 2005
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Previously defined in Merriam-Webster's Unabridged Dictionary as "to say or tell something to give others a high opinion of one." It applies to Urban Dictionary in the sense of many useless humans attempting to make new terms in the form of their own names and typing in useless comments about themselves. One can only guess that they do this in order to receive validation and/or seek validation by the rest of the population.
Sarah had such piss-poor self-esteem that she had to go on a what was once good site like Urban Dictionary to boast about herself and make others think she is actually a decent human.
by Andromeda1232 January 18, 2009
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houses, jewelery, cars, rims, and status symbols
son that boast is bangin; your arm be all boasted up; your crib is boasty; ballin boast boy; its all boast up in here;she be blinging you be boastin.
by Brian D. Newell May 21, 2005
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Someone attempting to hide their dumbassness by repeatedly lauding their one and only (generally small) victory to their friends or a random crowd of strangers, depending on who is handy.
Ted: I slept with Rebecca Stillworth and it was freaking amazing! We did it like eight times and I think I made her cum twice that cuz I'm so talented. Seriously, she even told me that they should make a statue of my penis.

James: I wish Ted would stop boasting about that.

Kevin: I know right? It happened like ten years ago.

Steve: You'd think he'd have something else to talk about by now.

Kyle: Dumbass.

*They all nod in agreement, except Ted who continues with his boasting, oblivious to his friends' disgruntlement*
by TalaDentro April 9, 2011
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