Foul smelling fluid that males cats spray onto your car at night.
Look! That bastard cat is spraying my car again!!
by skirtlifter January 31, 2005
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The result of blowing a widely dispersed load on a woman.
She arched up her tits but I sprated her face
by Rightous Willy January 31, 2004
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Coitus interupptus from the doggy position.
Sprayed her bad... left a map of Hawaii.
by Mark January 31, 2005
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Man, no more 3 a.m. Chalupas for me, I spent all morning on the can taking a spray!
by BFish December 31, 2003
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a spraypainted image in CounterStrike, usually an "Owned by ____" picture, a funny picture, or nudity.
Did you see the new goatse spray for CS:S?
by Trevor February 5, 2005
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the cousin of the term shitted on only in regards to equaling the level on not only "shitt'n on" but jizzed on

commly used in basketball
Damn Iverson crossed over Jordan and made the shot... Jordan got sprayed on
by blackson October 9, 2008
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