To use nitrous oxide in a drag race. You "spray" someone by using nitrous on them.
That vette was pullin on me, but I sprayed him and won by a length.
by wdr May 29, 2004
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to talk a lot of shit, or one who talks more than he walks. To talk behind someones back.
I heard Tony has been sprayin all over town that he screwed your sister.
by dfresh December 24, 2002
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1. spit lyrics (uk london slang)

2. repeatedly fire an automatic weapon
1. 'when i spray every1 gets happs' jme

2. 'cme bck wiv ma ak and spray'
by chsadhg May 1, 2007
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to overly show affection to someone in public. to claim as your own. to be all over someone.
"man your like a dog, quit spraying her."
by pure p August 5, 2007
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A word to describe someone as attractive.
For someone who is extremely attractive, the term "Top Spray", or "Spray Can" are commonly used.
Fabi: Have you met James?
Melis: Yeah, he's top spray.


Jack:I love Kim Kardashian.
Paul: Yeah, she's such a spray can.
by mollysianevans22 June 13, 2012
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1. A term used to express disbelief or surprise. 2. The act of saying it.
Yo man i got chapped by the 5-0 last night!

Spray it. Fo real?
by 408Ssnuf September 5, 2006
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To shoot rapidly with an automatic gun. The slang is derived from the similiar motion of when one uses a spraycan where plenty of "dots" will appear in a matter of seconds.

To help prove my point, use Microsoft Paint (or any other program) and do the following:

1. Use the Airbrush with your favourite color and just spray the white background and you will see spray dots appear. These are our "gunshots".
Jamal: Eyo, u ready to ride on theese bitchass niggas son?!
Malik: Yo u know it, B. Let em have it. Imma spray em with my UZI.
by JTee88 June 14, 2009
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