a noun to describe nitrous oxide which is to be used in a car. popular in the import and street racing world.
"i need mo spray"
"do we have any mo spray lying around?"
by andoo July 27, 2003
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(verb) to come profusely in or on a female.
by Pslinga November 3, 2010
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automatic gunfire released into a group of people
I'm going to go back to the club and spray that whole place.
by bigman December 24, 2002
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To fill a small area with a large volume of gunfire.
I sprayed the room with my Uzi and took all them Byatches da fuck out!
by Cosmic Dave December 29, 2003
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In the music industry, particularly rap, to produce an excellent verse, line, or song that is just that straight fire.
"Danny Brown sprays mad bars in every one of his songs."
by SwagLordWC February 25, 2015
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when you have the shits and are running to the bathroom to take care of it and just as you are sitting down it comes and sprays all over the wall leaving a fresh coating on the seat lid or the wall depending on where you are.
yo dude, someone had the sprays in stall number 3 and left a shotgun blast all over the wall!
by JoeDog January 26, 2005
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to shoot rapidly
I'm not a marksman when I spark it, so I SPRAY random.
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