French guys are very hot and handsome. They are the most stylish guys in the world. They are intelligent and have a great taste of music.

Just perfect!
-Oh my God, look at his clothes! He is so hot!

-Right! I guess he's a french guy!
by polishgirl: je t'aime A.G. <3 February 4, 2011
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french guy is so ugly and disgusting i hate him so much how dare he cheat on auntie ashw
ash:french guy is cute
by Alex's wife biatch May 2, 2022
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French guys are so ugly, americans gurls think they so hot , hum i live in Paris, and i can say theeey are so so so ugly . The best are american guys ♥
a gurl : Taka look at him
her homie : Oh goosh ! who's that French guy ?
a gurl : a ugly French guy
by Chattanael November 16, 2010
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Hym "I think he's mad we called his wife a whore by way of extension..."

Iam "Hey, you hear about that french guy who wanted to wait to have sex until marriage and after the two of them got married she divorced him immediately for not having a big enough weiner?"

Hym "Yeah, I did! That was crazy! I guess that why waiting until marriage is a stupid idea. Have half of your shit taken away from you for not having a big enough dick? That is wild."

Iam "Yeah. Tell me about it. You hear that they had to ban home paternity test because they found that 33% of men taking them were raising kids that were not their own?"

Hym "Really? Well, aren't you just a wealth of knowledge today"

Iam ☺️

Hym "Now get back to work!"

Iam 😑
by Hym Iam May 19, 2022
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