They be trippin
Jaree was funkin yesterday. (or) They be funkin.
by hmmm November 16, 2003
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-Alternative to "fucking"
-When two or more friends are doin the funki together
"What the funk??? Why is south so funkin hard >:(("

by crxdxncx February 24, 2021
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a person loaded with funk. completely funky
1. damn she's such a funkinator
by funkinatorskoold May 29, 2017
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Man, did you see Chris Brown out there last night at his concert? He was funkin like no one has ever done.
by EricWernke February 7, 2008
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When someone fakes being drunk when they really are completely sober.
Sarah was totally funkin' tonight.
She is such a funker.
by anti funkers December 6, 2008
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