the cousin of the term shitted on only in regards to equaling the level on not only "shitt'n on" but jizzed on

commly used in basketball
Damn Iverson crossed over Jordan and made the shot... Jordan got sprayed on
by blackson October 9, 2008
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Axe Body Spray... In Locker Rooms, When You Spray Your Axe People Sorround You And Want To Use Your Axe! Also Known As. "Smell Good"

yo Dawg, Lemme Get A Hold Of Dat Spray Spray!!


Mhmmm, Gimme Some Of That Smell Good!!
by PopYACOLLA January 20, 2006
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A car term that refers to the use of nitro during a race.
“dude you totally were just spraying! that’s why you beat me!”
by Korboner January 13, 2020
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Damn Matt is sprayed... that nigga is covered in tattoos!
by K2they January 24, 2018
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Nigerian practice of throwing money on a dancing person.
I went to that party and got sprayed! I made a few thousand!

The host of the party got up and started spraying the best dancer.
by Lotanna O April 24, 2008
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to use an automatic weapon to fire blindy and rapidly, releasing a large amount of bullets at one time.
"Yo, I got the motherfuckin' AK and I'm going spray. I got the motherfuckin' glock and I'll come down your block"

by X Rod November 25, 2003
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use as a verb when someone or something has just been drive-by'd
damn that nigga got sprayed, or damn, that nigga's ride got sprayed
by willcot July 11, 2006
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