british term for getting very drunk/ wasted... used in shaun of the dead...
david: "we are in a pub! what are we going to do?!"
ed: "get rounded."
by 1337n00bpwnage November 23, 2005
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A British word for getting very drunk, or wasted. Probably referencing the shape of a beer can or bottle.
"Im so bored, what are we gonna do tonight?"
"We could get rounded
by Christopher Wayland February 19, 2005
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a fat or obese person. kind way of calling them or themselves
"i'm just a bit rounded"
by bjkba kb f March 25, 2008
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Verb: To fight. Traditionally after being insulted.
If you don't get your dick out of my ass we're going round and round. You gay wad.
by Sam Fleyez August 26, 2006
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Having sexual intercourse more than one time in one night.
You deserve rounds tonight, girl.

Me and my girl did rounds last night.
by kimOVO November 3, 2013
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The lineup for weekends of binge drinking, partying, drug consumption, etc. with close friends.

Generally, the rounds begin on Friday nights and continue consecutively with each night consisting of harder drinking/partying.

Although most people who have lives end their rounds on Sunday night, essentially the rounds do not end until a member of the group decides to rest.
The Rounds.

Round 1 - Friday night

Round 2- Saturday night

And if you can handle it
Round 3- Sunday night (usually known as the "Final Round")

Also see 'The Round to End All Rounds'
by John Bannister July 16, 2011
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another word for your friend, Homie, partner, Dog
Let me call my round TROY for that weed
by Woods November 8, 2003
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