A utensil much like a spoon but with points to pick up something like meat
I want a spoon but my food must also be skewered to be picked up. So I will use a spork.
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A person who is lame, boring, dull, slow, or stupid
Quit being such a fucking spork man!
by Ms Boss lady April 20, 2018
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To spork: When a man becomes erect while spooning a women and it leads to sexual intercourse.
Woman: "Let's cuddle"
Man: "Okay."
Woman: "This feels nice."
Man: "Yes it does."
Woman: "Hey, I feel that, are you trying to spork me?"
by Smiles129 October 11, 2014
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A person who is online on instagram past 1:30am is a Spork.

A nickname given to the actor Scott Folan due to his being active past 1:30am. Scott "Spork" Folan is an actor who was cast as Jeremy Heere in the 2020 production of the hit broadway musical 'Be More Chill' in London.
Go to bed you Spork.
Spork Folan plays the character of Jeremy really well.
by SporkSporkSporky December 28, 2019
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An ingenious invention comprised of combining a spoon and a fork. Although as innocent as "she" (yes the almight spork is a she) appears to be, the spork possesses immense power and will soon take over the world or replace chop sticks.
Crazy... perhaps, replace chop sticks... oh yeah! You know it's coming.
Jake: Hey rob whatcha got there?
Rob: It's a "spork" dude! What do you think it is? ... OMG!!!
Jake: What is it Rob?
Rob: I just lost my wig!! And my hommmies from China Town burned down my house! Tis horrible!
Jake: Use the spork
Rob: Hehe, that's right join the dark side ... we got cookies
,... *long slience*... and twinkies too *grins widely*
by Contemplate thou life October 24, 2005
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A Cross between a spoon and a fork this is really fun to poke people with. Usually with 3 prongs, but sometimes you lose them when you're poking that annoying bitch that sits behind you. Sometimes used to give pleasure to yourself after the lights go out at night
Im going to spork that bitch into the next millinium.
by God January 22, 2005
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When a girl wants to spoon but a guy wants to do more and pokes her with his member, much like that of a spoon with a pointy end.
David was spooning with his girl and became bored. He decided to spork her to see if she would be up for relations.
by bedubya January 31, 2011
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