The act of taking a large poop and then ejaculating on top of it.
I took a Mount Everest shit and then snowcapped it. Nothing like snowcapping in preparation for a solid nap.
by MetalNapper February 3, 2014
When a male ejaculates on a colored womens breasts
-example 1: Anders Snowcapped that ho.

-example 2: "Dude, did you hear Jacob Snowcapped that one black chick at the party?"
by PooKid1 January 23, 2009
When a black person puts there ashy knees up while sitting down and it forms the shape of a mountain with a white top
see that black dude over there sitting down, he has some snowcaps
by icedtee55 October 2, 2010
Cocaine which is sprinkled over marijuana bong hits.
Robin: Whoa ~ My head can't stop spinning around. I'm so fucked up right now!

Ryan: Me too girl. Snowcaps are no joke!
by MoonCricket July 23, 2005
The act of one or several men ejaculating on a pregnant woman's stomach.
"Dude, me and the fellas gave Natalie a Louisiana Snowcap last night!"
by Erik the Red 9 August 21, 2017
When a homosexual male defacates in the morning after homosexual intercourse. The residue from his partner is on top of his stool and is white in colour.
When Roger looked in the toilet after a crap he noticed a snowcapped turd, he then knew that Arthur hadn't worn a condom like he said.
by FastRobbie September 17, 2007