Noun: Snowcaps would be coke-laced weed.

The term derives from the concept of a wintery forest, Tree's covered in snow. Hence bud laced with cocaine.

Snowcaps AKA: Primo(s)
by Fragged June 6, 2005
When one is feeling rather filthy and enjoying a poo so much that after creating a mountain of brown, One 'caps' it with a snow cap of sperm
'Just gonna nip to the shitter to get snowcapping the mountains'
Cat turds coated with kitty litter. Fresh one's can be found in the cat litter box.

also known as Kitty Sno-Caps and Kitty Snocaps.
Stupid dogs love to eat kitty snowcaps straight from the litter box.

Mom, the baby is eating kitty snowcaps again.

by punkfu December 9, 2011
The act of having sex with a woman, pulling out before you ejaculate then having an orgasm on her breasts. The final coup de gras is to urinate your name onto your splooge.

Credit to Special Ed of A Whole Lotta Rosie
Man, my ho wanted me to last longer so I pulled out and tried to hold off but I came. She didn't like it so I showed her by pissing on a snowcap.
by obvy January 13, 2010