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An amazingly intelligent, hilarious, lovely person. Anders is handsome and sweet, and will smile back at any stranger he passes. He’s ridiculously handsome and athletic. In fact, Anders has absurdly beautiful eyes (framed by magnificent eyelashes) and an unnaturally brilliant smile. He plays the guitar beautifully, but would never admit it - a testament to his modesty.

Despite his average height and weight, his body contains a disgusting amount of impressive, skillful athleticism.

Similarly, despite his average sized head, his brain houses an incredible amount of information.

On top of all of this, Anders is a really great friend. He can make anyone laugh and he doesn’t shy away from tears. He’s brave and kind and fun and an absolutely magical person to be around.

Anders is hard to resist.
Bad and Bougie, Anders is a cutiepatootie

Stop being so beautiful, Anders. It’s disrespectful.
by Yeehaw! December 27, 2018
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Anders is really the scandinavian boss. If you are looking for trouble, never go to Anders unless you have a death wish. If Anders want, he can kill you and get out of prison the same year. But Anders is also a cool guy who wants the best for everybody.
Hi i was chillin with Anders yesterday. It was cool, but he almost killed me tho....
by mastermaster123 January 28, 2015
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In Scandinavia, Being Anders, means to be the best of the best. Next in line of Best-ness is being Lars.
Ha, you might be Lars, but i am Anders!
by FidelCastro Is The Best September 02, 2008
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Ander is a drinking game developed first in the Rochester, New York area. To participate in this game one needs the following three things:

1.) A bottle of liquor, preferably something strong.
2.) A deck of cards
3.) 2 or more human beings

Deviations from the general rules have been reported, but the original scheme is as follows:

1.) A dealer with 52 cards (dealer also participates)
2.) Individual calls out a card
3.) Rotate

a. If the card revealed is the same as the card called out, the individual must take a shot of liquor.

b. If the card is not the same, move to the next person.
"Dude, I got so fucked up playing Ander last night".
by sherryAC December 07, 2010
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The most amazing guy you'll ever meet. Very attractive. Loving, and caring. Very mature, but knows how to have a good time. He'll treat you like a princess. Never leave him, or you'll regret it. He will always make you feel special.
ex: "Why is he so amazing?"
"Because he's Ander, duh."
by omgloljksmh July 07, 2011
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1. A mage party member first encountered in Dragon Age: Origins-Awakening, he has the best heals in the game. He is like Alistair but not as annoying nor templarish. He likes to randomly flirt with you're female party members, but you can't romance him. His best-friend is some random kitten that you find named Ser-Pounce-Alot. Once you give it to him he will stop behaving like a grown-man and become highly annoying.

2. In Dragon Age 2 Bioware decided to bring Anders back, but unfortunately as an apostate mage who's been possesed by a demon and is a total wack job. SPOILER: He reveals (only while playing as male Hawke) that he likes men. By end-game you will hate him because...well I can't reveal that
1. Girl DA fan: OMG I luv Anders!! Its so cute how he names his kitten Ser Pounce Alot!
Guy DA fan: thats kinda gay

2. Girl DA fan: OMG I luv how my fem Hawke can romance Anders now!
Guy DA fan: You know he's gay right?
Girl DA fan: WHAT?!?!
by Dragonic May 02, 2011
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To be "Anders" is mostly to be a teddy. Round and cozy.
If you are an Anders, you always have a cheesy smile... but still you make people happy.
A source of enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure.
Slang for penis and usually is a stick of intense pleasure.
Anders is also a definition used for people with a large dick.

Other examples;

"He is always an Anders when we are alone"

" He gave me the greatest Anders last night!!"
By the looks of the bump in his pants, he is definitly an Anders!
by Keliaaaa May 30, 2010
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